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DesktopDashboard needs what is called as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be able to run on your desktop. This is a separate download from the actual DesktopDashboard software, because Windows operating systems don't come with special Java software pre-installed.

The JRE is about 15 MB in size - should take about 3-5 minutes on a broadband connection, more on a dial-up connection.

Click here to read about downloading and installing the JRE. You have to have downloaded and installed the JRE before you can run DesktopDashboard.

  1. Download from the private download area to your desktop. (where to download?)
  2. Save it to your desktop.
  3. Double click on
  4. Don't click on any single file within the zip archive. Simply click on "Extract" and then select your"Desktop" as the location to extract.
  5. It will extract all files within the zip file to a new folder by name "DesktopDashboard" on your desktop.
  6. Go into the new "DesktopDashboard" folder and double click on the file "DesktopDashboard.exe".
  7. That's it. You should see DesktopDashboard launch on your screen.

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