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Current Version: v0.044

Activity log

Mar 1, 2005

v0.044 released

  • ToDo List Manager tool added.
  • Windows Installer created. No more dealing with zip files. Just run the setup.exe file - it will install everything for you. Now also comes with uninstaller, automatically creates multiple shortcuts, etc.
  • Ugly tool buttons replaced by slightly less ugly (I think) icons :-)
Feb 19, 2005

v0.043 released

  • Timer frequency for D2DD checking-for -updates reduced to once every hour.
Feb 17, 2005

v0.042 released

  • D2DD popup window size reduced
  • Code cleaned up and re-organized
Feb 16, 2005

v0.041 released

  • D2DD popup window browser bug fixed.
Feb 13, 2005

v0.04 released

  • Direct2DesktopDashboard (D2DD) Instant Update Notification feature added.
Feb 8, 2005

v0.03 released

  • Web Alarm added to DD.
  • Added DD icon to browser window
Feb 7, 2005

v0.02 released

  • Fixed SiteTracker (ST) bug: Closing ST window was not shutting down the monitoring tool. That has been fixed now.
Oct 10, 2004 v0.01 released

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