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HTML Utilities

This tab contains various commonly used tools for generating, processing and manipulating HTML. processing and manipulating tools for which software is hard to find, and quite possibly not free, even if you manage to find one.

This list will continue to grow based on your feedback and my own "idea!" list. Click here to suggest a new feature for this tool.

Image Tag

Generates a blank image tag with placeholders for your image name.

Escape Double Quotes

Escapes double quotes (") with a "\" (reverse slash). Very useful when programming with JavaScript, PHP or writing database-related code. Also useful when trying to syndicate your content, when you need to convert an entire HTML page source into a document.write(...) statement in JavaScript.

Escape Double Quotes

Same as "Escapes Double Quotes" - except, it escapes single quotes (') with a "\" (reverse slash).

Blank Page

Generates a blank HTML page with all the basic tags <HTML>, <TITLE>, <HEAD> etc.

You don't have to fire up dreamweaver or your HTML editor just to create a new blank page with all the proper tags and placeholders. And you don't have to type it all yourself either.

Auto Redirect Page

Very useful to quickly create a "META-REFRESH" auto-redirect page with the proper tags, and a placeholder for filling in your redirect link.

Very handy when creating redirection pages to upload to say, your "image" or "ebooks" directory to make sure your visitors browse the contents of your directory.

Button Link Generator

Generates HTML code for a Button-link (versus a text link). Buttons links can generate more clickthrough's if you use them appropriately.


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