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What is it?

SiteTracker is a Web Site Monitoring Tool.

It sits in your computer's system tray (next to the clock in the bottom right corner of your screen) and tracks any number of sites that you ask it to.

What do I mean by track? It basically pings the sites, once every 10 minutes (10 is the default - you can change this setting to as often or as delayed as you want), and if the site is down or unreachable for whatever reason, it will send an email to the email id that you specify.

Can you imagine what a business-saver it would be if you can be notified within a few minutes after your site goes down unexpectedly?

Of course, this may not be new to you as you may have expensive site monitoring software to do this. But the very same functionality in fr`ee software? Yup, that is cool.

An even cooler thing about SiteTracker is that you can set up an unlimited number of web sites to be tracked - and you can set each site up with a different notification email.

  • If Site A goes down, notify Ravi.
  • If Site B goes down, you notify Richard.
  • If Site C goes down, you notify Robert.

You get the drift.

You can set up monitoring jobs for all your friends, associates and clients if you want! Of course, you may NOT charge for the service. We will prosecute anyone who violates the terms of service.

Of course, you could always ask your clients to download DesktopDashboard themselves. Or send me an email and I will tell you how you can purchase a commercial license, if you want to monitor others' sites on their behalf.


Obviously, if you want the SiteTracker to monitor all your sites 24x7, you need an "always-on" Internet connection (DSL, Cable, Satellite, etc).

It can monitor your sites and send you an email as long the tool has access to the Internet, whether that is a broadband connection, or even dial-up connection.

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