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Popup Generator

Not all Popups are evil.

Ok, maybe the word "popup" reminds you of those obnoxious X-10 webcam ads, but not all popups are intended to be a nuisance.

Popups are also used to provide help or more information about a page in a separate window, without your user having to leave that page - like when a user has half-filled a long form (like your shopping cart) and wants to know about shipping options without having to leave that page and lose everything they've just typed.

This page is not meant for educating anyone on the various uses of popups.

YAPG(Yet Another Popup Generator)?

You're right - there are many generators on the market. But not all of them offer this level of customizability. And not all of them are available in one place like the DesktopDashboard.

And this is like the mother of all generators. People who have never used one, or may never use one, always salivate at the text "FREE POPUP GENERATOR". So, I thought, what the heck? Doesn't hurt to have one in the dashboard, right? :-)


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