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Text Utilities

Text Utilities

This tab contains various commonly used tools for manipulating text.

This list will continue to grow based on your feedback and my own "idea!" list. Click here to suggest a new feature for this tool.

To Lower Case

Converts text (pasted into the text box) into all lower case.

To Upper Case

Converts text (pasted into the text box) into all upper case.

Remove Duplicates

Paste a list (of any size) of email addresses, one per line, and this tool will remove all duplicate email addresses and display a unique list in the same text box.

Can be used with names, id's or just about any text which you want to de-duplicate, as long as the list has each item on a separate line.

Winner Finder

A unique tool that picks a randomly chosen winner from a list of email addresses, names, numbers (or just about any text). Again, the list should have one item per line.

If you are running some kind of a contest, enter the list of all entrants and it will pick a randomly chosen winner for you. Allows you to pick a winner in a fair and impartial way.

Random Password

Creates a random password with a mix of UPPPER and lower case text, and numbers - with password length of your choice.

Encrypt Password

Encrypts password for use on Unix/*nix based systems (or web sites).

Format 60

Re-formats entered text to 60 characters wide. Very useful when publishing text newsletters, to make sure that all kinds of email clients of your subscribers will display the contents of your newsletter correctly.

Format 65

Same as Format 60 above. Just the length of formatting is 65 characters per line.

Remove Word Wrap

Very useful for removing line breaks from previously formatted text - for example, when switching from 60 characters per line to 65, remove word wrap first before re-formatting it to a different length.


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