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Click-Tracker Pro v3.0
ClickBank Download-Protector v4.0 with Temporary Link Generator!
(Note: This script will be sent to you only after 90 days of purchase of the WebmasterInABox Suite)
AffTrakker for ClickBank
(Affiliate Management Program for ClickBank Merchants)
C.A.P.E - Add On for ClickBank's Affiliate Program
Paypal-IPN Download Protector
"Send this Page" script
Co-Registration Manager - Multiple-List Subscription Management System
Tell-A-Friend (or)
Contact-Us Form Mailer
with Autoresponder
Image-Protector v 2.0 has a new home - it is now
Free Affiliate Link Cloaker script and 14+ other PHP and Javascript scripts - yours for FREE
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You are just minutes away from downloading / using all of my free scripts and online tools, including the Affiliate Link Cloaker, which by itself is a $34.95 value!

Check out the ever-growing list of free tools and scripts below, that you will get when you sign up for my newsletter.

  1. FeedMonster RSS Feed Script
    This script lets you publish RSS Feeds on any page of your web site within minutes. Publish any publicly available RSS or XML feed. Publish your own blog's feed on your various web sites and get more incoming links to your blog. Make the page that displays the feeds appear like it is regularly updated. Configure how often the page should update the feed display.

  2. Affiliate Link Cloaker
    This script probably needs no introduction. If you own a web site, then you absolutely, positively need this script. And you get it for free! Hey, why not?

  3. Expiring-Page Generator
    Create pages that expire on a specific date in the future. You can put create expiring campaigns using this script, and you won't have to remember to log into your site on that day in the future (say one week from now) and change the text on your page on that day from "Expires on xx.yy.2004" to "This offer has already expired".

  4. Spam-Stopper
    Create encrypted email address that spam-bots cannot read and protect your email addresses from spam.

  5. ClickBank Tools:
    Commission Calculator, Hoplink Generator and Sales Link Generator

    Calculate ClickBank affiliate commissions for a given product price (minus ClickBank fees), ClickBank affiliate link for any merchant, and generate Sales link given both affiliate and merchant nick names.

  6. To-Do List Manager - Boost your daily productivity by making this your home page. Stay focused on what needs to be done and don't allow a growing task list to distract you from the task on hand.

  7. WebAlarm
    Online Alarm - Reminding people of the more important things in life.
    (like turning off the the oven ;-)

  8. DesktopDashboard - This is a Desktop Tool written for Windows pc's. It is currently in prototype development. It is meant to be a full-fledged, handy, all-in-one desktop utility with tools and utilities for HTML processing, text processing, various calculators, web site utilities, personal alarm clock, and lots more.

  9. Bootstrapper's Bible (PDF) - You've probably seen the bald pate. You've definitely read his brilliant writing. He's what I read at lunch every day - whenever he publishes to his blog. He offered this book for free till December 1st. You can no longer find it on his web site.

  10. No-Right-Click JavaScript - By email

  11. Free Photo Gallery Script - By email

  12. Free Bulletin Board Script - By email

  13. Pop-up Generator (now included in the free desktop tool,

  14. Pop-under Generator (now included in the free desktop tool,

  15. Exit-Popup Generator (now included in the free desktop tool,

  16. Free ClickTracker (coming soon)

  17. FAQ Generator (coming soon)

  18. Frame-Breaker (coming soon)

And lots more....


And it just doesn't get better than free, does it?

Nothing to buy, no links to click, no tricks, no fine print.

Of course, the only thing we request in return, is for you to sign up for our free newsletter, Free-Scripts-Tips-n-Software, where you will continue to receive such free scripts from us, general e-Business improvement tips that comes out of our own personal experience in running our various web sites - not rehashed stale stuff, but useful, practical information that you can use rightaway, and won't find easily elsewhere.

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That is all there is to it.

So, fill out the form above if you are not yet a subscriber to our Scripts-n-Software newsletter, and you will be on your way to your free Affiliate Link Cloaker.

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