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Click-Tracker Pro v3.0
ClickBank Download-Protector v4.0 with Temporary Link Generator!
(Note: This script will be sent to you only after 90 days of purchase of the WebmasterInABox Suite)
AffTrakker for ClickBank
(Affiliate Management Program for ClickBank Merchants)
C.A.P.E - Add On for ClickBank's Affiliate Program
Paypal-IPN Download Protector
"Send this Page" script
Co-Registration Manager - Multiple-List Subscription Management System
Tell-A-Friend (or)
Contact-Us Form Mailer
with Autoresponder
Image-Protector v 2.0 has a new home - it is now
Free Affiliate Link Cloaker script and 14+ other PHP and Javascript scripts - yours for FREE
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 ClickBank Download Protector v5.0
with built-in ELG
(Expiring Link Generator)

Updated For ClickBank's Newest Security Algorithm Change

Display Multiple Download Links on One Page,
Dynamic thank-you pages,
Ability to collect buyer's name and email address,
Adding your buyer to your Autoresponder,
Redirection to any 3rd-party (or affiliate) web site!

Click Here to watch a Demo Video


Hi Ravi,

I just NEED to say that your Clickbank Download Protector v4.0 is absolutely fantastic!

I've tested and used other Clickbank protector scripts, which are either weak on security features or, are extremely difficult to install.

With Clickbank Download Protector v4.0 you've got the balance right, with high-level security features and easy-to-follow comprehensive installation documentation. You've put a lot of work into CBDP v4.0, and it shows.

I really don't understand how you're able to sell your scripts at such low prices. I guess it's down to your unwavering and tireless commitment to quality while ensuring that you over-deliver to your customers every time.

Your scripts have that unique quality which communicate that I'm not receiving ordinary run-of-the-mill software.

From your detailed documentation right through to your friendly customer support, you deliver a high quality service that I'm very, very proud to recommend.

Keep up your excellent coding and please continue to deliver unique automated software solutions for us tireless webmasters.

Best regards,

David Banton

"Approximately 5.5 billion dollars worth of software
was stolen over the Internet last year"

"The average fraud inflicts a loss of about $110,000 per organization, and $15,000 to each individual"
Source: InterGov International

What are YOU doing to protect YOUR business?

"If you use ClickBank to sell e-Books, Software, Word or PDF documents,
or practically ANY existing type of Downloadable e-Product,
then this script is your dream come true!"

What can you do with the ClickBank Download Protector?
Supports multiple download links - you can configure different sales links with different number of products, adding an almost shopping-cart like ability to ClickBank purchases. Specify both file names and product descriptions to your dynamic, expiring download links.

You can create multiple thank-you pages, and specify which one to use for which product - each of them with different content and different Look&Feel for your different web sites.

Now you can use one ClickBank account and one installation of the ClickBank Download Protector script to protect all of your ClickBank products from all of your web sites. You can even create a centralized download site for offering secure, expiring downloads for all of your niche sites, each of them looking exactly like your niche site with it's own custom header, footer, logo, etc.

You can present a Splash-Form to ask for your buyer's name and email address shown before the user is presented with the secure, expiring download links.

Comes with a fully integrated, in-built Universal Form-Mailer script (a $34.95 value in itself) that sends the contents of the Splash-Form to any email address you specify.

This destination email address could even be that of an autoresponder - note that this autoresponder has to have the ability to accept subscriptions through an email address ( or

Redirection to 3rd-party web sites or just about any URL - you don't have to show a thank-you page after the purchase - you can even choose to redirect your buyer to any web site of your choice - it could be one of your own niche sites, or a 3rd party web site, like an affiliate site.
Sell digital products through ClickBank without worrying about hackers and pirates stealing your digital products
Automate the delivery of your precious files 24x7, 365 days a year, and never again deal with an angry customer who opted for a refund only because she couldn't download your product as soon as she purchased it - because it was 2:00 AM in the morning when they made the purchase - and you were sleeping!
Lock your "thank you" page from getting bookmarked or shared.
Only your legitimate buyers will see your download page - the others will see an "Error" page.
Create temporary links that automatically expire in as little as a few minutes, or a few hours - its your choice
The links can be made to expire without your even lifting a finger. The software takes care of it all for you!

Fort-Knox Protection for your Digital Downloadable Products
that you sell through ClickBank - from getting stolen by sleazeballs
who will try to bookmark and share your thank you page
with their freeloading buddies - and maybe even post the link
on the Internet for everyone to see -
and YOU could potentially LOSE thousands of dollars in lost sales!

If you sell through Paypal, click here

Hi Ravi,

It was a pleasure doing business with you! And thank you very much for helping me figure out the technical part of the installation.

The script itself is awesome! I had previously used a cgi-based ClickBank "protection" script, but learned from my log files that the download URL was being shared.

With your script, there's no way that can happen. Thank you for an
excellent product!

Dan Eskelson
Clearwater Landscape Design


What can ClickBank Download Protector do?  

Protecting your e-Books and Downloadable Digital Products
From the Scum of the Internet
Secure Content-Distribution and File-Security System

ClickBank Download Protector is a software application written using a combination of PHP, a proprietary technology from ClickBank, and a proprietary algorithm from including a Expiring Link Generator (ELG) - to protect your e-Books, PDF files, scripts, zip files and just about anything else that you are selling on your web site - from being illegally downloaded and stolen!

  1. ClickBank-Download-Protector protects your e-Books and zip files from being downloaded by anyone other than your legitimate (paying) customers.
  2. Lets you create download links that expire (as soon as you want them to) so that no one else can access them even if they were e-mailed the correct link!
  3. Keeps your folders where your proprietary downloadable content is stored secure and hidden from prying eyes and hack-savvy web surfers who will go to any extent to avoid having to pay for e-products for themselves and their freeloading buddies!
  4. Can disable your 'Thank You' page from being accessed directly even if the exact URL were typed into the browser. But the exact same link will work when the buyer has paid for your digital product. Disable your 'Thank You' page from being accessed more than once. Delete expired links from your temporary link directory.
  5. Hide the true location of your original files, and your customer see only temporary links with randomly generated file names, which will expire within a period of time specified by YOU. Show a customizable 'Error' page when someone tries to access your pages or links illegally.
  6. Will save you hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars in lost revenue resulting due to some unethical pirate posting your download page or the direct link to your e-Book (or digital product) publicly on the web!


Take the ClickBank Download Protector Challenge!  

This is a "Fort-Knox" secure, file distribution system. And you don't have to take my word for it. I'll prove it to you. Take the Download Protector Challenge below.Note: No credit card information required for this demo.

In fact, when you get to the payment page, enter absolutely no information. Just click on the "Click here to pay now" button by leaving the entire order page blank. Yes, blank!

The product is a dummy item priced at $0.00. Please pay close attention - you will be amazed at the security, I promise!

Once you click on any of the demo links below, you will be taken to the ClickBank payment page. Once you complete the fake purchase, you will be brought to the thank you page for this dummy product, and you will be given access to the actual download link.

Come back here after you've gone through the dummy purchase.

Download Protector DEMO!  

On any of the actual landing pages, you can copy the URL of the landing page (or thank you page), you can send it to yourself or your friends by email, you can bookmark it, you can do just about any thing.

Then, close the browser window in which you just saw the demo.Open another browser window, and try to go back to the same thank you page and get the same download url that you got earlier.

I'll eat my shirt if you can view the thankyou-page again!

Instead, you WILL see an error page.The only difference between the first and the second visit is, that by using a Proprietary Authentication & Encryption Technology from ClickBank and a Proprietary Security Algorithm from WebmasterInABox, the ClickBank-Download-Protector allows only requests that have the "Paid Successfully" transaction authentication by ClickBank themselves.

And the most amazing feature is that it allows you to view this thankyou page only ONCE.

Of course, as long as you are still on the "Thank you" page, and don't refresh or reload the page, it will let you download the file any number of times - just in case your internet connection gets disconnected or the merchant's web site goes down for a brief moment.

The temporary links that are generated exclusively for you, will expire in One hour (for the purposes of this demo) . When you buy the script, you will be able to configure it to expire whenever you want it to.

Once you exit from the thank you page, you will NOT BE ABLE to get back to the actual thank you page, regardless of whether you copied the web page URL to a file on your hard disk, or even if you bookmarked the thank you page.

So, even if someone were to spoof your "Thank-you" pages using $0.00 links from the hacker's web site, unless ClickBank confirms - in real time, on the fly - that the transaction is one where the credit card has been successfully charged, ClickBank-Download-Protector will reject it outright and display an error page!

Isn't this exactly the kind of protection you want for your precious e-products that you are selling?

This is to show you that once you have ClickBank-Download-Protector protecting your download links, no one can steal your files, no one can link directly to your files - they can't even get to the thank-you page directly, let alone steal your product!

Why should you buy the ClickBank Download Protector?  

I can give you any number of reasons why you should buy my ClickBank Download Protector script if you are really serious about protecting your digital downloads.

But let me give you just a few:

  • My script uses two separate proprietary technologies to secure your download links - NO ONE ELSE and NO OTHER SCRIPT is capable of providing your digital products with that level of security.
  • is the only site where you can get a live demonstration of how the files are protected. Try getting a demo from the other guys!
  • I am so confident about the technology of my script, that if you can break into the script and steal the path to the real digital download, I will give you a totally free copy of the suite - along with the updated ClickBank Download Protector that has a fix for the security hole you may have discovered!
  • Try getting email support, let alone a phone number from the web sites of any of my competitors. And then call me at 347-992-4212 (only between 9:00 PM - 11:00 P.M. EST only, please :-) and you'll see that I am not only for real, but that I'm standing by to support you in case you have any pre-sales questions or after-sales technical support.
Pirate-Pete and Sneaky-Sam  

The demo was just to illustrate the fact that Download-Protector not only protects your files from being accessed directly from out side your web site, but it even hides the directory in which they are stored!Read the following story of Pirate-Peter and Sneaky-Sam to understand how your files are secure from pirates:

Let's just say that you are selling an e-Book, myebook.exe at

  1. Pete "the pirate" Visitor visits your site,

    He falls in love with your e-Book and clicks on the buy link (so fast? only in this story, of course :-)

  2. And then....


Cost of the Script : $34.95
is now

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