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What is it?

DesktopDashboard is a free desktop tool for anyone who owns or manages an e-Business - basically, anyone with a web site.

It currently runs only on Windows-based computers.

What can it do?

DesktopDashboard is meant to be a handy, desktop utility with tools and utilities for webmasters, programmers, site owners, Internet marketers, and anyone who owns, runs, or manages a web site.

It currently has the following tools:

SiteTracker Site Monitoring tool
Text Utilities Frequently used text processing and manipulating tools
HTML Utilities HTML-related tools like tag generators
Popup Generator Generating for creating different types of popups.
CanSpam List Cleaner Tool to help clean up your mailing list by removing your opt-out list from your master list just before the broadcast.
Web Alarm Tool to set off an alarm right on your PC, to remind you to do all those important tasks - right from having to call a (prospective) client back in 10 minutes, to turning off the oven in 30 minutes. Never again let your work get you in trouble at home ;-)
ToDo List Manager Tool to help you manage your daily to-do list right from your desktop. The list is stored on your computer, within cookies. Add as many as you want. Keep your ebusiness focused by creating and maintaining a to-do list.

DesktopDashboard is free - but not open source. You may not de-compile, claim copyright, reverse engineer, resell it, or redistibute it in any shape or form.

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